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At your side for fulfillment


„Problem talk creates problems.

Solution talk creates solutions.“

Steve de Shazer

Do you wish to stop speaking about problems and not to lose yourself in worrying about them? Do you wish to find an easy way to work out a solution to your present life situation? Are you looking for an emphatic and solution oriented Coach? 


•  Coaching in transitions

•  Job-Coaching

•  Career consulting 

•  Spousal assistance for acclimation/settling in

•  Cultural trainings

•  Expat Job-Coaching




I AM HAPPY TO SUPPORT YOU TO FIND YOUR WAY TO THE SOLUTION...IF are unhappy with a life or career situation and you want to make a change find it difficult to adopt to your new area and reestablish your lifestyle want to define new objectives need help to adjust to a new culture can not cope with stress on your own need information in your new area to enable smooth settling in with your family


Do you need support... define your career objectives and do not know how to achieve them? dealing with transitions? work out your own strategy for your job search? write your CV and cover letter professionally? practise interviewing? prepare for business protocol and adjustment to the new culture?

...for Networking stratgies? prepare for negotiation?

It is my pleasure to support you to develop your job search documents and prepare the best way for your business meetings.


I help you with my consulting to perfectly prepare to search for a job in your new area including reviewing your CV, cover letter, interview practice, how to effectively work with recruiters. In addition, I help you out with country specific networking and business protocol information.

...For Youth in career development

I offer for youth individual career consulting and introduction to business culture. The coaching has a motivating effect to define and achieve career plans.


The coaching is using the systematic and solution oriented methods. The speciality of this method is its effectiveness. It is possible to achieve results and improvements withing a short period of time. You as a client are the focus.

I use questions, discussions and exercises during the sessions. We will work out your soultions together and I will motivate you to succed in your transition. It is easy to talk about things, that one is not able to do. Thanks to my short-term coachings, you will know your resources and come up with new ideas and thoughts to find your way of fulfillment.

Thanks to the systematic apporach in my consulting it is not necessary to meet face to face. In case you wish, we can do the first session in a face to face meeting and the further sessions can be efficiently done by telephone, skype and/or email.

My office is in Switzerland. Coachings are possible worrldwide.



i...because coaching is not only my profession but my passion as well. My positive personality and professional consulting will help you to improve your current situation. I support and motivate you to make the necessary steps on your own and you will see that there will come more and more steps to your fulfillment.

Empathy, efficiency, over 15 years of experience in the private industry and consulting based on an established education are the the groundwork of my job.

My fascination of supporting people inspired me to absolve the following degrees.

M.S.Sc. Sociology with specialization in Social Psychology

Certified Systematic and Solution Oriented Coach FHNW

B.A English and Pedagogy

NLP course in Vienna, Austria

I am enthusiastic about other cultures and have first hand experience living abroad. I consult clients from Switerland, Germany, Hungary, France, USA, canada, UK, Portugal, Italy, South-Africa, Japan, India, Russia etc..

I am member of the ICF and The Expat Coach Association.

What makes me special? That I am practical and a great motivator!

Every single client will be consulted with an individual approach and I adjust my mehtods of consulting according to your needs.

Let yourself supported in transitions. The adaptation and adjsutment can be smooth!


At your side to fulfillment...

I believe, that every single person is unique. Everybody faces a challenging situation in his or her way of life. In every one of us are stored resources that can help in those difficult situations. We are not always conscious that we are the ones who know the best way to the solution, which way to take in life, We can achieve a lot. Only the first step may be difficult. Everybody needs a little help in their life. I am looking forward to being on your side and to walk the way to your solution with you. I believe that I can open new perspectives. I can help you to find your way to success and fulfillment!


I consult in German, English and Hungarian.


•  BesiDe COACHING is confidential and based on professional discretion

•  Coachings are tailored to your pecific needs

•  The costs are not paid by health insurances

•  There is no commitment on a contract. You can decide on your own if you want to continue with the sessions or not


I offer tailor made consulting according to your needs. I am happy to inform you about the possibilities on the phone or by email.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


42, Italy

Diana assisted me in getting started with my job search: she helped me organize ideas, priorities and actions; she re-wrote my resume and cover letter in a way that I could market my profile in the best possible way, giving value also to the volunteer job that I did over the years; she gave me the tools to target companies and to build connections; and last, but not least, she supported me in moments of frustration because she believed that I could make it! 

50, Kanton AG

It always had been a pleasure to meet you, as having giving me motivation and reflection of the situation, as well as good advices. It is a need for me to express again my thanks for our support, and as this situation has opened my eyes for what all can happen also to people with my background and experience.And to re-state, it was a real please having had the contact to you as my coach. 

32, ZH

„I could hardly believe taht after a few sessions with Diana, I stopped talking about problems and came up with ideas that brought me to solutions of my problems. I was struggling with my career if I am on the right track. My negative attitude about my business environment has completly changed. Thank you for the support!

50, AG

„Dear Diana, as I started to speak about my problems that I was facing every day in my management role, you started to ask me questions. I realized, that I was starting creating ideas as a reaction to your questions. You surprised me and never stopped asking questions. The coaching session were a trigger of a process that gave me the key solution to my issues. 

28, BS

„I was not confident regarding my future. Negative experiences in my private and business life made me worried. I needed about 5 sessions. My whole view of my life changed to a positive way. I can highly recommend Diana!“

41, SG

„My concern was very complex and I was not doing well. You can really make an impact, I was impressed by that!“


38, ZH

„I contacted Diana because of relationship issues. I was not feeling well and I did not know the way out. Diana can excellent actively listening and see what is really behind the concerns. It gave me release to talk with her and started to look at my situation from a different perspective.“

Mother of a 14 year-old, ZH

„Somehow, I can not motivate my daugther. It is so important that she is prepraed for the career choice and she is confident about interviewing. She is listening to you and said that talking with you brings her further. You are great explaining things to her and helped her to find out what she really wishes to do.“

45, Canada

„Thanks for all your help during the past year. You helped me to focus on my career goals. I appreciate your support, patience, yur kind and positive attitude. The first 

 months of my transition were diffucult and challenging. I am proud to be able to say today that I am settled in and I feel more at home.“

35, USA

„Diana efficiently helped to provide me with the necessary information for my every day life. It helped me a lot to acclimate fast and smooth in my new area.“

30, Pakistan

„Thanks for your support. Your coaching helps me to feel more confident in my job search and keeps me motivated.“

37, UK

„Thank you for your help! The sessions with you saved me time and made my life easier in finding a job. It was very pleasant to work with you!“

40, Singapore

„I was happy about my relocation to Switzerland but I had a huge gap regarding the cultural differences in my adaptation. Without Diana's help I would not feel so integrated today. I was able to define my own goals during the sessions and I was daring to plan and start doing things that I would never have thought possible before.“

35, Hungary

„I never had such a professionaly written CV and cover letter before. Diana was always well prepared for the meetings and works in a structured way. I really was profiting from interview practice with her, in both Ungarian and English.“

42, Portugal

„Bad quality of my job search documents and general insecurity motivated me to work with Diana. After 3 months I was able to search for a job in Switzerland on my own.“




Diana Bocskai

PHONE :  +41 79 749 04 83


Facebook :

Linkedin : dianabocskai

Skype : diaberni77